Alone Shayari – Alone Shayari In Hindi


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Touching Thought

Walking alone is not difficult…

But When You have walked so many miles with someone,

then coming back alone is much difficult…


I remember the cloudy evening

When your eyes touched my face for the 1st time,

Your charismatic personality really fascinated me,

And your gentle voice fell like a bolt of lightning on my heart,

You gave me hope, you gave me life,

dreams, comfort, love and what not!

The more thought of you even today makes me feel active and alive.

Your presence fills my mind with joy and pleasure,

But the moment you leave me alone

My world becomes dark and dull and filled with chaos.

O my life! I want to be with you always!


Jab Tu Hansein

Jag Hansein Tere Saath

Jab Tu Roye

Roye Tu Akela

Har Dukh Jab Sehna Hai Akela

Chal Akela Chal Akela


Some Battles Have To Be Fought Alone,

Some Paths Have To Be Crossed Alone,

So Never Be Emotionally Attached With Anyone.

You Never Know When You Have To Walk Alone


Hum hain is pal yahaan, jaane hon kal kahaan

Hum milein na milein, hum rahein na rahein

Rahegi sada yahaan, pyar ki yeh dastaan

Sunenge sada jise, yeh zameen aasmaan


Rang dhal jaate hain, din badal jaate hain

Raatein so jaateen hain, raahein kho jaateen hain

Pyar khotaa nahin, pyar sotaa nahin

Pyar dhalta nahin, haan badalta nahin


Hum jahaan aaye hain, meherbaan saaye hain

Hum yahaan khwaabon ke kaaravaan laaye hain

Dhadkanein hain jawaan, gaa raha hai samaa

Pighli pighli si hain, mehki tanhaaiyaan


Colors fade, days change

Nights end, paths get lost

Love is never lost, love never sleeps

Love never ebbs, and never changes


where we have landed, the shadows are kind

Here we have brought the caravan of dreams

Heartbeats are vibrant, the whole atmosphere is singing

the very air melts with the fragrance of solitude

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